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Unload Information: Each and every scale ticket must contain customer and split account information. Each and every scale ticket must be marked with one of the following: contract, sell, store or 10 day if available. Any ticket left unmarked will be put into 10 day open storage if available at the time of delivery. If storage is unavailable, grain will be sold at the closing posted flat price at the end of the market session that day.  It is the responsibility of the customer or delivery provider to make sure each ticket is marked.

Unloading Priority: When a location gets approximately 70% full; grain dumping priorities go into effect in the following order: 1=Prepaid Storage 2= Grainbank (based on average yearly usage) 3= Harvest Period Contracts and Cash Grain 4=10 Day & Storage Grain.

Contract Application: South Central will apply to the oldest contract first, determined by the contract creation date, regardless of price.

Spot Sell Pricing: If the ticket is marked sell but does not have a specific price marked on the ticket, the spot sell price will be the closing posted flat price at the end of the market session that day.

10 Day Open Storage/Warehouse Storage: After 10 calendar days of delivery, remaining unsold bushels will be placed  into regular storage and storage charges applied according to current tariff rates from date of delivery. These options are only available as long as we have storage capacity.

 Market Session: On normal Chicago Board of Trade marketing days, South Central Coop will be bidding according to fluctuating trade prices from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. We will then cease to buy grain while we calculate our closing prices based upon bids we gather from our processors. We will reopen again to purchase your grain based on the posted closing price from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  We offer text message closing bid notification.

Untarping: All trucks must be untarped before pulling on scales

Treated Grain: Any and all treated grains will be rejected. No exceptions.

Split Payment Information: Split instructions are required to be communicated with the delivery of each load and notated on each and every scale ticket.

Farm Name: We can keep separate records by farm name if you wish for crop insurance and other production records by farm. If this interests you, please make sure this is noted on each scale ticket as well.

Direct Shipment: All grain delivered to an area processor or terminal under the account of South Central Coop will be settled on a load by load basis and discounted using the respective destination’s discount scheduled.

Wheat, Etc: Wheat and other non-typical grains will be handled on a contract basis only, no storage is available at our locations for these grains.

*Buyer will not accept delivery of genetically enhanced commodities that have not been approved for both domestic and export markets.

*In an effort to promote accuracy, any corrections that are necessary due to incorrect scale ticket information provided to South Central Coop by the customer or delivery provider will be assessed a $10 administrative fee per settlement.

The ability to improve settlement accuracy, and proactively define clear and consistent guidelines will improve your customer experience.  We believe these policies are beneficial for all parties.
Please feel free to call one of our locations if you have questions.
We appreciate your business!