The Crew

General Manager:  Randy Behrens
Accounting and Markets:  Debra Phelps
Operations Manager:  Len Kohlman
Agronomy Manager:  Brent Hall
Saftey Co-ordinator:  Jolene Dittmer
Refined Fuel/Oil Manager:  Shawn Phelps
Propane Manager:  Ed Mercer 641-203-9212

Location Managers:
Jason Parkhurst-Cainsville
Shawn Phelps-Chariton
Brian Linebaugh-Humeston
Les Vander Linden-Knoxville
Len Kohlman-Lacona
Terry Clark-Lamoni
Brad Griffin-Melcher

Sales Personnel:
Feed Sales/Nutritionist-Northern Region:  Noll Ernst
Agronomy & Feed Sales – Chariton Area: Fred Diers
Agronomy & Feed Sales – Lamoni/Cainsville Area – Amy Johnson
SUSTAIN Account Manager – Amy Smith

Lyla Stephenson-Chariton
Mary Davenport-Humeston
Kineta Keith-Cainsville
Jessica Danner – Petroleum Accounts

We have a fully trained and experienced staff of employees who are dedicated to providing you with the products and services you need and require.