Neil’s Update

Well we’re ready to start another crop year! With each year, comes a new perspective on the future. Hopefully it is the beginning of a very successful year for agriculture. Our team of employees are eager to help everyone with their operations for the upcoming planting & growing season. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, the next couple of months, and give us the opportunities to get a start on the planting season.

The grain markets at this time, are quiet and in a narrow trading range. Still waiting for confirmed China business and an eye on the South American production. Being that we’re in a demand driven market, production is very important to the price, any type of stumble in production can move these markets to a new level. Agriculture is expected to meet the demand every year. Check with our grain department for a variety of programs to help your marketing plans.

South Central Coop is always looking for better ways of communication with our customers. There are several resources available for communication and more coming all the time, we’re looking for the best way to give you information in a timely manner. This could be current prices, special offers, industry information and what’s going on at your local coop. Let us know your ideas on how to accomplish this!


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