Neil’s Update

Even though the calendar indicates that summer is just beginning, the crop progress looks like harvest is not that far away.  The landscape is changing rapidly.  That being said, we will be taking a look at all of our grain polices for the upcoming harvest season, to make sure that we are with current rates and programs that can help you in your grain marketing.  We will post our new policies and program options when those are finalized.

On August 30th we will be closing a little early to finalize our inventory count, getting ready for auditors on August 31st.   Our financial positon at the end of or fiscal year is important for several reasons.  It’s the one financial snapshot of the year that we are judged for the next fiscal year.

We are always looking for ways to better communicate with our customers of what is going on at South Central Coop.  There are several resources available for communication and more coming all the time, we’re looking for the best way to give you information in a timely manner.  This could be current prices, special offers, industry information and what’s going on at your local coop.  Let us know your ideas on how to accomplish this for you!





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