Another great year with Land O Lakes SUSTAIN. This year we were able to take 10 growers with their spouses to the 3rd Annual Partners in Excellence Summit at Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood Florida. This year two of our growers where recognized for their outstanding leadership in Advocacy and Sustainability. Brad and Cathy Reece where awarded for Outstanding Sustainability Conservation Agronomy and Chad and Donise Altenhofen where awarded for Advocacy Award Conservation Agronomy.
Many new up and coming things are happening with South Central’s SUSTAIN platform. This platform is all about sustainability and profitability at the on-farm level. Many tools help our growers make key in-season decisions to improve sustainability and profit at the farm level. To learn more about SUSTAIN and what it can do on your farm please contact Amy Smith SUSTAIN account administrator today!
ahanlon@sccoop.com 641-534-3121


Current litigation’s in Iowa about nutrient run off will affect how growers farm. Our SUSTAIN Platform will introduce fertility practices that will lead to reduced run off, new management strategies, and potentially create higher yields.

Our goal for South Central Coop’s SUSTAIN Platform is to be a provider of services that are documented to improve efficiency and anticipate future trends regarding sustainability. This program is designed to position our growers favorably, and provide services that prevent growers from yield impacts of soil loss/degradation. This will give growers more confidence by having better information to understand and manage their operations. SUSTAIN is ideally positioned to engage growers, deliver programs and aggregate sustainability performance data in ways that do not compromise our growers privacy.

SUSTAIN combines best-in-class nitrogen management tools and products with conservation practices that can help your farm be more sustainable. South Central Cooperative sales staff are trained on how to use these tools to maximize benefits for growers.

To learn more about SUSTAIN visit: www.sustain.ag