Bulletin Board

South Central Coop’s Board of Directors – 2017

Kevin Dittmer – President
Nate Pierschbacher – Vice-President
Steve Schurman – Secretary
Chad Altenhofen – Director
Richard Ballantyne – Director
John Dittmer – Director
David Hudson – Director
Richard Schneider – Director
Levi Thompson – Director

Cainsville Citizen Recognized for Years of Service to the Community



Eleanor Thompson has served Harrison County 4-H for more than 37 years as a club leader for the Grand River 4-H Club and a project leader for sewing.  Many of her former  4-H members in Cainsville still talk about learning to sew under Eleanor’s leadership.  She has led both her children and her grandchildren through 4-H.  Her contribution to the Harrison County 4-H program is widely known and greatly appreciated.   Eleanor and her husband, Rodger Thompson live in the Cainsville community.

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Milo Fire Department have Grain Engulfment Training at the Milo Coop 
Milo Fire Department did training with their grain rescue tubes Monday, September 28th at the South Central Coop facility.  This equipment is a great addition for our local departments to have in our farming communities.  Currently Knoxville, Melcher, Chariton, Humeston and Milo have these rescue tubes.