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Neil Moon and Debra Phelps recently attended a meeting concerning tax reform and how it may impact our business and patrons. In recent years, we have been utilizing the Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD) to reduce our tax liability. Any amount that we didn’t need for our tax return has been passed along to the patrons of South Central. It has been a great tax benefit to the Coop and also has been very nice that we have been able to pass along deductions to our patrons based on the units of grain they sell to us. It has created a renewed interest in our business and that in itself is a nice stimulus to our local economy as well as increasing tax deductions to the patrons.

This year we were also notified by our auditing firm Meriwether, Wilson and Company that there is a tax credit that may be available to us called the Research and Development Tax Credit. We worked with a company from Texas whose sole business is helping companies take advantage of the tax credits that are available to them. It was eye opening to see the figures of how many dollars of total tax credits consumers do not take advantage of just because they don’t know they exist. Qualifying for the R&D credit was quite a detailed interview process but it was discovered that Coops like ours do indeed participate in Research and Development. Some examples are that our crop specialists and feed nutritionists are constantly working up new recipes for better production for our customers in effect researching and developing new rations and analyses. Our Sustain program is classified as R&D in it’s entirety. Consequentially, we have amended our last four tax returns to include that tax credit and are documenting the ways we continue to develop agriculture.

Senator Grassley spoke about what’s on the table currently in the senate and we were allowed to meet with him and voice our opinions on the tax credits that we have been utilizing in recent years and vocalize how important they are to ag business. We appreciate that Senator Grassley has been such a strong advocate for agriculture throughout his career and continues to care about what obstacles we face.

Currsustainent litigation’s in Iowa about nutrient run off will affect how growers farm. Our SUSTAIN Platform will introduce fertility practices that will lead to reduced run off, new management strategies, and potentially create higher yields.

Our goal for South Central Coop’s SUSTAIN Platform is to be a provider of services that are documented to improve efficiency and anticipate future trends regarding sustainability. This program is designed to position our growers favorably, and provide services that prevent growers from yield impacts of soil loss/degradation. This will give growers more confidence by having better information to understand and manage their operations. SUSTAIN is ideally positioned to engage growers, deliver programs and aggregate sustainability performance data in ways that do not compromise our growers privacy.

SUSTAIN combines best-in-class nitrogen management tools and products with conservation practices that can help your farm be more sustainable. South Central Cooperative sales staff are trained on how to use these tools to maximize benefits for growers. Growers can increase profits by $3.50 to $12.50 per acre by using SUSTAIN practices.

To learn more about SUSTAIN visit: www.sustain.ag

Contact Brent or Amy to learn more about South Centrals SUSTAIN platform.

Click here to read an article about SUSTAIN from the Environmental Defense Fund 


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